Deep and Shallow Ecology

Shallow ecology has a shallow outlook on the environment and believes that we should only do something if it is for our interests, for example, we should save ecosystems but only if they are of value to us. The view is completely self-centred. It suggests an anthropocentric approach to ecology and sees environmental issues in terms of human-centred reforms rather than any deep change in relationships between humans and the Earth. The term ‘light green’ has been applied to the beliefs of so-called shallow ecologists.

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While Deep ecologists take an ecocentric, rather than an anthropocentric approach. The term ‘dark green’ has been used to describe the beliefs of deep ecologists. They see the Earth as a single organism; all of its parts are interrelated. They also propose fundamental changes in the relationship between humans and the rest of the Earth. Deep ecologist believe that humankind has equal status with other species and that environmental protection is worth doing simply because it is with doing, not merely because it satisfies humankind’s desire to live in a more pleasant world.


it is not acceptable for humans to consider themselves to be superior to the rest of nature. Overall, Deep ecology believe that humans must develop a new consciousness that see humankind as an intrinsic part of the natural world. The Earth to them is a single, complete organism and humans are a part of that whole. They believe that there must be a total change in all economic, social and political life so that humankind can be placed more naturally within its physical environment. Lastly, Deep ecologists see ecology as a synthesis of science, philosophy and in some cases religion or even mysticism

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